ACR Oakdale Multi-Fuel Stove

ACR Oakdale Multi-Fuel Stove
ACR Oakdale Multi-Fuel Stove

The multifuel Oakdale stove is the perfect combination of traditional charm and modern technology. With a powerful airwash system and highly efficient controls, this stove provides exceptional performance.

The Oakdale stove is DEFRA-approved, which means you can use it to burn wood in smoke-controlled zones, whether you live in the town or the country. It also has the ability to burn a variety of smokeless fuels, giving you even more options for fuel.

This stove is not only efficient, but it is also stylish. The traditional cast iron design adds character to any room. It's a versatile option that can suit both classic and modern aesthetics.

With the Oakdale stove, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a crackling log fire while also being environmentally responsible. It's an investment in both style and sustainability.

Technical Specification

Fuel Type Multi-Fuel
Width 440mm
Height 550mm
Depth 370mm
Output 5kw
Energy Rating 83.80%

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