Burley Brampton Wood Burner

Burley Brampton Wood Burner
Burley Brampton Wood Burner

The Burley Brampton 9108 wood burning stove is one of the most efficient in the world, with an impressive 85.5% efficiency rating and an 8kW heat output. This stove is designed for burning wood only, including logs, sawdust, briquettes, and pellets.

The stove features a wide glass viewing area that maximises radiated heat, and a hot convected air from top exchanger that helps to recover lost heat. The Brampton log burning stove also has the option to add a 170mm extended base, which is perfect for standalone installations where height needs to be emphasised. The base can also be used as an area for storing logs.

To prevent heat loss, it's recommended to room seal a stove whenever possible, as the average chimney tends to drag warm air from a room to outside. The Burley range of stoves can be room sealed through an outside wall to eliminate this issue.

Technical Specification

Fuel Type Wood
Width 598mm
Height 680mm
Depth 405mm
Output 8kw
Energy Rating 80.30%

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