Charlton & Jenrick Fireline FX5W Multi-Fuel Stove

The FX5W & FP5W give the large looks of the 8kw wide screen stove but maintain the nominal heat output at 5kw. This is achieved by a subtle reduction in the depth of the grate area whilst the over-all width of the stove is the same as the larger 8kw model. This means that 37cm logs can be accommodated on the standard multi-fuel capable grate. With a firebox lined with compressed vermiculite insulating board and Fireline’s own patent pending firebox air supply technology, clean burning was assured from the beginning – CE and DEFRA compliance were a formality. 79% efficiency ensures top levels of fuel economy and the proven Fireline air wash system gives fabulous views of the fire through the large glass panel. Both stoves are freestanding and come with either a curved (FX5W) or a square (FP5W) door and a large flame 'picture'. “The FP5W is a hybrid of the FP5 and the FP8 stoves, it has the large looks of the 8 KW but it combines the nominal heat output of the 5KW stove. This means that larger logs can be used in this model in addition to giving a 30% more viewing screen than the standard model. It has primary and secondary air controls to maximise efficiency and boost performance and can be used in a smoke controlled area.”

•Multi-fuel capability
•Strengthened steel plate construction giving unbelievable levels of performance and longevity
•Top or rear 5” flue outlet
•Includes ash pan, multi-function handle, heat resistant gloves and a bottle of touch up stove paint

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Technical Specification

Output (Kw) 5
Height 583mm
Width 490mm
Depth 293mm
Efficiency 79%
Weight 74 kg