Nordpeis ME Ceiling Hung Stoves

Nordpeis ME Suspended Wood Burning Stoves
Nordpeis ME Suspended Wood Burning Stoves Nordpeis ME Ceiling Hung Stoves

Transform the very essence of your home with the enchanting allure of ceiling hung fires. Distinctly elevated from the ground and free from the confines of walls.

Beyond being a mere heating device, the Nordpeis ME Ceiling suspended stove represents a fusion of art and utility. Cutting edge Nordic design. Few stoves can offer the same experience. Imagine a fireplace that floats above the ground, offering an unobstructed view of dancing flames from every angle. Whether nestled in a cosy corner or taking pride of place in the centre of a grand living space, these ceiling suspended stoves offer a level of sophistication and contemporary style that is unparalleled.

Suspended like a rare gem, its unique design captures the imagination and draws the eye. Its side windows offer a panoramic view of the flames, creating an intimate setting, perfect for relaxation. But the beauty of this stove isn't just skin deep. Beneath its captivating exterior lies cutting-edge technology that ensures efficient wood burning. It promises not just warmth, but an immersive wood burning experience that's both eco-friendly and efficient. Ceiling suspended stoves are one of the most heat efficient forms of stove on the market and introduce the ability to emit heat in every direction.


  • A testament to the expertise in wood-burning stoves
  • Fully compliant with smoke control and Ecodesign ready standards
  • Superior 4kw heating output for those cold evenings
  • Optional external air kit for external air supply (attached to rear)
  • Robust steel body construction ensures longevity
  • Optional steel log store stand available
  • Wall mounted versions also available

Technical Specification

Fuel Type Wood
Width 520mm
Height 510mm
Depth 364mm
Output 5.8kw
Energy Rating 79%

For a full technical specification, please visit: Nordpeis