Pevex Garden Stove

Pevex Garden Stove
Pevex Garden Stove

Introducing the new UK-designed garden stove collection. These stoves are built from durable Corten steel and feature a natural waterproof patina that forms over time.

They come in two heights, 700mm or 900mm, and can be ordered as a 3 or 4-sided glass window model. Additional options include a lower drop on leg tray, rear and lower heat shields, and a floor protector plate. Matching flue pipes of various lengths and a rain hat are also available upon request.

Each stove has a built-in air wash system over each window, which ensures clear viewing of the fire burning brightly and cleanly in the large fire chamber. The warmth is generated through the glass windows and as the heat radiates from the steel body, you can sit back and relax or stand in comfort around the stove.

The 3-sided model features a calcium silicate fireback and convector rear panel that allows cooling air to flow up the back. This means the stove can be placed closer to flammable surfaces. For added security, a rear heat shield can be fitted to keep temperatures even cooler. All models have calcium silicate placed under the base plates to minimize heat transference downwards. If required, an underside heat shield can be ordered separately.

The 4-sided model is ideal for socializing with friends and family, as it allows everyone to gather around and enjoy the luxurious warmth.

These stoves are expertly engineered in the UK, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor spaces with ease

Technical Specification

Fuel Type Wood
Width 500mm
Height 703mm or 903mm
Depth 500mm

For a full technical specification, please visit: Pevex