Dovre 425 Multi-Fuel Stove

Dovre 425 Multi-Fuel Stove
Dovre 425 Multi-Fuel Stove

The Dovre 425 wood burning and multi-fuel stove is a perfect blend of style and performance that adds a warm glow to any home. With a riddling grate, it can burn an array of solid fuels and logs. It also features an Airwash system to ensure that the window stays clean and offers a stunning view of the flames.

In addition to the wood burning and multi-fuel version, this stove is also available in gas and electric versions. So, you can enjoy the benefits of this stunning stove, no matter your fuel preference.

Technical Specification

Fuel Type Multi-Fuel
Width 550mm
Height 700mm
Depth 445mm
Output 8kw
Energy Rating 83.00%

For a full technical specification, please visit: Dovre