Aegean Limestone Shawbury Suite With Electric Fire

Aegean Limestone Shawbury suite comes with P4 electric fire- perfect for someone wanting a new electric fire / focal point for a fraction of the cost!
Both are boxed up brand new.
**Images show the shawbury suite with a P5 Electric fire in, this listing does NOT come with the P5 it comes with the P4 which is slightly smaller.**
Agean Limestone Shawbury suite 
Mantel width 1330mm
Outside legs width 1230mm
Height 1100mm
P4 electric fire by Charlton & Jenrick
Designed to go into the shawbury suite 
W: 620mm H:620mm D:219mm
Aperture W: 570mm H: 444mm

Charlton & Jenrick
Technical Specification