Newbourne 40FS Multi-Fuel Stove

Newbourne 40FS Multi-Fuel Stove
Newbourne 40FS Multi-Fuel Stove

The Newbourne 40FS is a brand new cleanburn multifuel stove, available with a nominal 4.5kW output rating. Its sleek and stylish design features a full-width curved door that offers an impressively wide view of the fire burning brightly inside. The door is equipped with a beautiful nickel-plated, cool-to-touch handle and a positive locking mechanism for easy loading of fuel into the capacious firebox.

Primary air control, secondary air wash, and tertiary air ensure clean burn high-efficiency performance when burning wood or smokeless fuel. These stoves also feature symmetrical lines that add to their smooth and good-looking aesthetic, making them a beautiful and stylish addition to any room.

With its Ecodesign-ready construction, the Newbourne stove offers clean burn performance in style, meeting tomorrow's requirements today. Enjoy a lovely warm and efficient heat with this cleanburn stove, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to add both style and functionality to their home. 

Technical Specification

Fuel Type Multi-Fuel
Width 503mm
Height 580mm
Depth 374mm
Output 5kw
Energy Rating 82.70%

For a full technical specification, please visit: Newbourne